Lost Portugal, U20 South Korea knocked ava lauren out early in the U20 World Cup


play hard, but Korean hosts have suffered a 1-3 defeat to the Portuguese U20 in the first round of the 2017 U20 World Cup 2017 Cheonan. 

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U20 South Korea are highly Jav Office regarded in this tournament, because apart from the host advantage they have lowered U20 Argentina. The home team owns modern play and has many players playing in Europe.

Portugal (blue) has shown the sharp in the end
Portuguese U20s did not show much in the group stage, but they still came from the world's top football. That is the reason why the descendants of C. Ronaldo are better players in the quarter-round match at Cheonan.

U20 South Korea play defensive counterattack, but they lacked decisive moment in time. At the 10th minute, U20 Portugal opened the scoring when they received a pass from teammate, Xadas to clear the ball to close the column to help the European representative advantage.

The home team attempted to attack and continuously squeeze the yard. Cho Young Wook had two obvious chances but he ended up in a hurry and let the opportunity slip away.

The Portuguese U20 combines skillfulness and maximum efficiency in attacks. Bruno Costa, 28 minutes into the mix, crossed the ball to the ball beyond the goalkeeper of U20 South Korea, doubled the gap 2-0 for the Portuguese U20.


Lee Seung Woo tried his luck for a 33th-minute free kick, but keeper Diogo Costa grabbed a shot. U20 South Korea almost conceded in the 39th minute, fortunately Xande Silva's header hit the ball to find the right column.

Step into the second half, the Portuguese U20 suddenly accelerated the South Korean U20 struggled. 48 minutes, Fernandes crossed the corner dangerous, lucky keeper Song Bum Keun flying saves.

Five minutes later, Goncalves Jav Nurse fired another shot and goalkeeper Song Bum Keun of South Korea's U20 went on to excel. The most beautiful opportunity to U20 South Korea in the 60th minute, but the free kick of Park Seung Ho again to the ball to go across the bar narrow bar.
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Portugal's U20 responded in the 68th minute, but Gedson's kick went sideways. U20 South Korea attempts to attack, but their mixes are too simple and easy to catch opponents.

The home side's hopes closed in the 70th minute, Xadas crossed over the South Korean two-and-over U20s, then crossed the net to make it 3-0 for the Portuguese U20s.

Korean U20s are almost dismayed and they play decadent at the end of the match. The visitors nearly scored the fourth goal in the 80th minute, Xande Silva easily passes the ball through three South Korean U20 players but he was reluctant to stop the opponent to stop.

9 minutes before the end, from the pass into the box from the left, Lee Sang Heon made the scoreline to reduce the score 1-3 to U20 Korea and that is the end result. Home team officially split the World Cup 2017 U20 2018 right round.


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