Amazing discovery ugly girl about "top" while sleeping

As we've long known, men undergo puberty can ejaculation during sleep at night-a phenomenon known as "wet dreams". New research shows, the same thing also happens with women.

U.s. scientists discovered, xxx teens 37% weaker faction experience "orgasm while sleeping" at about the age of 45. In fact, a normal woman "to the top at night" almost constantly from the youth until age 50 outside, whether they are single or married, according to a report by the Institute for research in sex, gender and reproduction Kinsey (USA).

One woman confided that she Broadly on the site had experienced orgasm while sleeping in a period of "sexual hunger" and described it as "a gift from the brain". The girl herself is Jade, 24 years old, she "up top" during a break about 2 times a week, occasionally using her hands while sleeping and at other times is not used to them.

"I don't act much, I sometimes feel bored enough to do it I lost all excitement ' self-indulgence ', and the brain reminds me that I can still orgasm," Jade said.

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Similarly, the Kinsey Institute's research team also discovered that, 83% of the wing you antennae to announce "night elf Launcher", regardless of whether a dream or not. On 18-20 years, 70% of the males had the wet dream, while the frequency of occurrence of this phenomenon is reduced when they step into the age of 30.

The above conclusion was drawn after the research team reviewed data collected in interviews with 11,000 people about sexuality, sexual life and reaching their orgasm.
The experts also noted, 70% of women experience the dream directly on "it" in their lives, while the figure for men is 100%. In addition, 5% of the weaker factions reach orgasm for the first time in my life through my dreams at night, while over 13% of men stated, their first ejaculation occurs during sleep.

Dr. Debby Herbenick, a professor at the University of Indiana (USA), explains, bringing women's orgasms. Almost half of the women regularly "top up" in the "Committee" with your partner, but 1/10 of the sisters said they didn't get lucky.

Herbenick PhD also pointed out a series of factors often prevent women reaching orgasm during fellatio, including lack of interest or selfish of you to love, the lack of information on how to "over the top" and the worry about body image. According to her, because of the psychological nature of orgasm in women so the sisters can not "over the top" during sleep simply by way of masturbation. This tends to improve when women enjoyed more years and become confident as well as more secure.

Dr. Herbenick stressed: "orgasm generally become easier with age and experience, as well as when women have sex with a regular partner, who are said to be interested in them. Therefore, we are witnessing the orgasm rate higher in the in the middle to late age of 20, 30 and 40 ".

Other experts noted, the key to "top" while sleeping is through the imagination. «Orgasm Answer Guide claims: "there is credible reason to believe that, orgasm while sleeping is not the actual results of the stimulation sexual organs, but instead is the product generated in the brain. The other way to increase the chance ' to the top ' in your sleep is lying down asleep and especially tired at the bed ".

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