Dangerous "if love" to "the ava devine coldest day

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You Dear, Hemerocallis

It is true that "it" is something indispensable in the life of the couple, especially when your spouse is in the age of "energy". However, despite being very healthy but not just "want" time is can perform consistently at that. Weather conditions can also affect the part out of the couple.

"Dangerous" if trying the "love" 1
The cold weather is an adverse conditions for both men and women when want to "ban". Photo illustrations
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Low temperature makes the "weapon" of the humble men than usual and the erection also had difficulty because the blood was cornered came more slowly (the blood pour on other organs to keep the body 
Jav Hong Kong warm). When too cold, the mechanism of man's birth is also affected and the quality as well as the number of soldiers decreased ejaculation. Even, testosterone also may not produce many should also decrease libido. If you try to "love" will probably hurting your "" of men.

The cold weather also is causing the capillary system of the woman's abdomen is blocked. This hinders the translation of weather resistant in the vagina and also difficult sister "to the top". Also, if long term relations in addition to the air conditioning, "the secret" of the woman can be irritation, ease inflammation because of the low temperature is favorable for bacteria and germs survive longer.

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In another aspect, the "husband-wife relations" are not recommended under the cold weather because it can cause contribute to lead to infection. In addition, the cold is also making increased blood pressure, ease the dangerous hazard for both factions, such as stroke or sudden death.

No law prohibits two you "love" during cold days but also does not mean you can completely ignore the dangers that can happen if subjective in this weather. A love just complete when it meets the conditions: the libido and health. If the libido and health may be affected and even progress worse then the better you should "love" on other occasions.

Wish you happy!

I am 30 years old this year, has had his family. It must be said that in the "it" I'm also quite "enthusiastic", despite the weather, my spouse also must "complete the mission" 3 times/week. But few today cold, my husband turned out.-per khều's wife khều is he said conditioning, said "if trying to ' love ' in this weather is dangerous" and a dozen other reasons.

Please ask, my husband says true? Keep the relationship when it is cold, how dangerous? I half believe half doubt but also afraid, if true then the best malware should be avoided. Mong doctor explain and help me. I thank! (Hemerocallis, Gia Lam, HN)


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