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According to medical professionals, hospital infections are becoming mathematical headaches of the medical profession not only Vietnam and all over the world. Hospital infections if not done well, the only scene in the hospital, the hospital.

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Care of patients in the Emergency Department of the hospital

At the training sessions "to prevent and monitor infections" was held at the Bach Mai hospital, the British Mail Account TS.BS, Deputy Head of the infection control science, Bach Mai hospital said bacterial infection considered (NKBV) when the incident occurred days after 2 days from the date of admission (admission day is November 1). Event date is the date that appeared the signs/symptoms that meet one of the criteria to diagnose infections. The investigation was conducted NKBV cut this time to determine the incidence, pathogens and other factors related to the NKBV.

Besides strengthening the planning control NKBV; The object of the investigation is to cut through all the in-patients have time from 2 days upwards, including patients discharged in October.

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NKBV is one of the important criteria for assessing the quality of clinical and hospital quality in General. NKBV is one of the leading causes threatening the safety of the patient, increase patient mortality rates, increased complications, increased level of treatment, is located on antibiotic use, increase the resistance of the microorganisms, the rising cost of drugs and increasing disease burden for both patients and the health system. In particular, the NKBV multiple antibiotic resistance bacterial treatment difficulty, hard to control the spread and leave heavy consequences for the patient to do twice day hospitalization, treatment costs and increase the death rate (30-40%).
To control the NKBV status, medical staff, patients, patients need to comply strictly with the endless process of bacteria in patient care; Detect and quarantine organization soon NKBV patients to prevent most bacteria spread antibiotic resistance; Besides, improve the infrastructure conditions of infection control: place handle dirty linen, personal hygiene, water treatment systems, wastewater. These regions need to concentrate resources is the aggressive resuscitation unit, emergency, antitrust, and newborn Pediatrics ... Maintain infection control media to serve basic hand hygiene, environmental sanitation, sterilizing antibacterial fabrics, damn ...

TS Messages said strengthening the prevention of redundant combinations prepared by way of contact is the skills to practice basic KSNK should be executed well; Maintain active surveillance, inspection and compliance NKBV infection control practices to propose timely intervention reduces the NKBV rate and improve compliance with practice in HEALTH WORKERS, KSNK works closely with faculty to microbiology to detect timely isolation of bacteria, most antibiotic resistance and antibiotic treatment are consistent ... "

According to statistics of the Ministry of health does not at least the head of the current hospital facility has yet to truly understand the role, the importance of infection control (KSNK), therefore, for investment activities KSNK as well as preferential policies, attract people who do not conform to KSNK work they assured the work enthusiasm and dedication to the industry.

KSNK organization system in the base KBCB incomplete full as specified. The country also to 20.8% of BV of hospital bed > 150 not yet established faculty KSNK; 33% BV has established faculty KSNK but not yet appointed Dean KSNK; nearly 20% of leadership faculty/college level KSNK nest, intermediate, and beginner learning. KSNK management system was not fully responsible role in deploying, operating activities KSNK.

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