Three miss Hongkong theme: a girl Jav Free holding a beer, because of illness

Born in 1978 four in Hongkong to a middle-class family background, glutinous rice. In 2001, in response to the crown campaign beautiful miss Hongkong, become the media's face was accelerated. However, after amateur gangbang many years in the entertainment circle, the average level in the name of Chinese, caused no small reputation.

In 2012, Shirley Yeung surprised too noisy, because "no husband chance", her boyfriend committed nine years of love, to pursue the new rich. All the activities in the entertainment industry from you is "frozen", down 2 years under the level of actor B., she went to the mainland to find the opportunity to change your life, but not better.

Three miss Hongkong theme: a girl holding a beer, because of disease 9

Shirley Yeung singing, walking in the bar service to make money

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The former beauty queen welcome any work, including singing, walking, you live in the bar service coverage money. The image of Shirley Yeung on behalf of a short skirt, carefully wrapped tight, face makeup, just put the beer in the singing and dancing, the bar guests smile, so many people's sight.

However, not long ago, the United States who share your life quite satisfied with being a single mother and is actively building a good image in the past.
19, how do five bay debt (born 1969) Miss Asia and won the miss photos. Because the delicate features, looks sexy, she quickly by the attention, Taiwan Ling soda. However, until now, your task is one of the most painful in Hongkong. From the first day to enter the entertainment circle without merit, hard to find, but unfortunately, in the path of marriage.
Wan when being criticized can owe what to do is a frivolous, not bad. Many years later, when it comes to noise, you just laughed and said: "I have always believed that I was beautiful. When I was a student, I had joined the underworld gang. A 19,20 year old, who said I am shameless, I can't deny."

Three miss Hongkong theme: a girl holding a beer, because the disease - 2

Perfect figure of 19 years old, 20 years old, how do five bay - Debt
The winner of the contest, how do five bay owe, permanent Security in your car suddenly Huajiang - a waiter accounting firm. This man than you at the age of 31, unfortunately, 13 days after the wedding, Jiang beautiful waiter became a widow at age 20.

Public opinion rumor husband left can owe what to do, the Gulf estate is HK $1 million 700 thousand. But in fact, the children's own river attendant tells you a small part of the symbol. Not only that, the debt can also face how to do the accumulation of debt debt, including the late husband. Do you have a serious mental crisis, or even to Dutch act.
In the tired, you accept a man's love, a family of two people together to secure to rely on.

How long, how do five bay is a debt owed by the wife of another person to envy, prone to shame.

After four years of practice, beauty and Begonia marry fast and stable life. However, last summer, Hongkong media reported that a young girl how to do next to the rumor Begonia, the beautiful bay can owe, give up. Couples with children together or not. At that time, Miss denied and her husband, but in the protection of image, obviously, you have to accept the reality. No debt do ng connected I Bay: "do not want to share life...

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